Doorstep Services
Get pick-up and delivery services for cash and instruments, right at your doorstep

There is an increasing expectation from customers for better service from their banks. The availability of ATMs for 24-hour banking is also not seen as sufficient. More and more customers look for getting banking transactions done sitting in their homes or offices. This has led to the concept of Doorstep Banking getting more and more volumes.

While, the services to be offered are simple; the timeliness and urgency towards the customer poses a big challenge specifically because the geographical reach are very important.

These services are already being handled well through phone calls and third-party service providers. However, to handle higher volumes with reduced errors we have evolved the Doorstep Banking solution.

As also defined in Regulatory guidelines, Banks now offer the following banking services to all of their customers at their doorstep:

  • Cash pick-up and delivery
  • Instruments/Cheque pick up
  • Instruments/Cheque pick up

In order to manage / track/ evaluate these services centrally, there is need of robust system integrating central unit, hub branches, spoke branches & service provider agency. This system should enable the faster mode of communication between central unit, hub branches, service provider & customer thus reducing the turnaround time so that each customer is serviced effectively.

HBF provide a doorstep services in India. where we start our first phase from Noida second Lucknow Third Phase NCR and forth Allahbad. Entire four phases we will cover within three years.

Our doorstep banking facility help to our members banking solution at their home . We will provide deposit, withdrawal, statement and other services at their home.

In future, our organization will provide doorstep Micro ATM Services also.


Services only for our members.

Number of times cash collecting transactions from customer's home will vary for everyone according to their Transaction volume.