Recurring Deposit
HBF Nidhi Ltd. Recurring Deposit is designed to help you prepare for the future. It enables you save regularly for a certain period of time with minimum amount starting Rs. 1,000/- only and earn a higher interest rate. At the end of pre-defined period you are paid back the lump sum including the principal and interest.


  • Minimum amount can be deposit Rs.1,000/- at regular intervals.
  • The Period of deposit is minimum 1 year and maximum 5 years.
  • The most attractive rate of interest of 8% p.a. with an effect of 1st Mar 2017.
  • Providing the loan facility. The loan can be given up to 90% of the amount standing the credit of the account holder.
  • Recurring Deposit provides an option Any Time Money after 12 months. Member can opt this option.

Interest rate

  • Interest Rate @ 8% p.a.
  • Interest Rate @ 8.25% p.a. in case of RD in name of Girl Child below 15yrs of age.
  • Interest Rate @ 8.25% p.a. in case of RD of a Senior Citizen.
  • Interest Rate @ 9% p.a. in case of Platinum Starts With 20000